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Goodyear Racing 

Goodyear and MSigns met recently when they were introduced by a motor racing sponsor that MSigns had completed work for. Goodyear needed livery for a fleet of fifteen powerfully branded truck-trailer rigs and delivered its brief to Mark Whetton and the team at MSigns. MSigns considered the brief and proposed a design comprising a painted base colour for the vehicles with cut and applied elements in coloured film for the design. With only minor revision, the proposal was accepted and production could proceed.

In an age when most livery work with extensive panel coverage is printed, MSigns’ work for Goodyear stands our for a few reasons. It arguably took the ‘hard yards’ route in being cut and meticulously applied - element by element. The other reason it stands out is the sheer potency of the medium and its impact. Metamark M7 was chosen for the applied elements. It’s a dyed in the mass coloured film and will not fade or dull. It delivers depth and apparent saturation that print, however expert, would struggle to equal.

Stand back and appreciate the impact the finished livery achieves for the brand it serves and promotes and it makes a point about vehicle advertising and its impact on the world in general. When its done to the standard for which a great brand holds it accountable, and when it’s produced by a company able to maintain those standards as well as its own

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